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All About Vegware

All About Vegware

Vegware produces and distributes catering disposables made from plants, not plastic. Find out how you can save carbon, use fewer finite resources and waste less by switching to Vegware.

Conventional packaging is made from finite resources.  A mix of materials and food residue makes it difficult to recycle, so it’s either burned or thrown into landfill where it stays for a really long time.

Vegware is different. It’s made from plants, not plastic, and can be recycled with food waste where facilities exist.
It breaks down in less than 12 weeks in industrial composting and returns nutrients to the soil.

Not only is it made from recycled and renewable materials, Vegware packaging is strong and stylish.

Custom printing is available across the whole range, so you can set your food apart from the crowd.

And it doesn’t stop there...  Vegware goes beyond packaging with zero waste support, helping you waste less.